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What is Encroachment and Overhang Costing You?

“A Lesson in Fencerow Economics”

Here’s how renting a boom mower makes cents:

  • 3,250 square feet per hour**
  • $0.03 per square foot*
  • 1 acre = 43,579 square feet
  • Cost to reclaim 1 acre = $1307.40
  • Average price of farm land in Oxford/Norfolk/Brant county = $20,000.00

* Includes Rental of JD 6430 with 21'6" Boom Mower and Fuel
** Based on actual results when operated by a local end user in medium to heavy conditions. Conditions may vary. Does not include stumping.

Other Benefits:

  • Eliminate damage to large machinery caused by overhanging branches.
  • Eliminate missed harvest caused by overhanging branches.

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JD 6115 and Diamond Mid Mounted Boom Mower

  • 22', 25', 30' Reach, 50" HD Flail Head
  • Handles Grass and Brush up to 5” Diameter
  • Lexan Windows for Protection
  • Standalone Hydraulics System for High Capacity
  • Counterbalanced for Stability
  • Ideal for Fencerows, Roadsides, Walking Trails, Behind Guard Rails etc.

Rear Mounted Swing Mowers

  • 6’ Cutting Width
  • Grass, Weeds and Light Brush
  • Offsets to the RH side for Maximum Coverage
  • Full Tilt 90 degrees up and 45 degrees down to Cover Slopes and Ditches
  • Folds in behind the tractor for Minimum Transport Width
  • Tractors available