Agricultural Equipment Rentals

At Total Rentals, we have all of the agricultural and farm equipment rentals you could need. We carry an extensive line of tractors for rent to help you with any job around the farm, and we also have many tractor extensions and accessories to rent as well. These include spreaders, drills, cutters, seeders and more. Please feel free to give us a call regarding any piece of rental agricultural equipment you might require.

Subsoiler and Ripper Rentals

  • JD 915 5 shank, spring reset (180hp)
  • Brillion 4 shank Zone Builder spring reset, coulters (180hp)
  • Brillion 3 shank Compaction Commander adjustable row spacing (120hp)
  • JD 913 3 shank (75hp)

More Agricultural Equipment

  • Cultipackers, 10' & 12'
  • One way (Offset) Disks
  • Finishing Disks, 10' & 14'
  • Finishing Cultivator, 14' and 18', Rolling Basket
  • Brillion 10' Pasture/Hay Seeder
  • Landpride 10' Grass Seeder
  • JD 1590 15' No-till Drills with Grass Seed
  • Wheatheart Postpounder Rent Online / Check Availability
  • Weening Ginseng Digger
  • ROME 11' Heavy Duty Disc

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